How it began...

The founders of Confluence have been friends for quite a while, and while they are united by a love of food and great coffee in particular they couldn’t be more different in their background stories.

Mike Woitach brings an impressive background in business, with training in accounting and experience with some of the largest companies in the field. Thus he’s the expert with numbers, logistics, and viewing the big picture and trends. Confluence would just be an idea without him.

Terry Darcy, on the other hand, has his background rooted in science, specifically Neuroscience and Biochemistry. Thus he’s the guy to go to for learning about how coffee acts on the brain, and his lab experience enabled for rigorous experimentation to develop a brewing method and perfect recipes. Confluence tastes great because of him.

Clearly, the founders have varied backgrounds but these differences proved incredibly constructive. The Confluence of their differences enabled this creation.

Why "Confluence" Coffee?

Confluence: an act or process of merging.  When talking about rivers, it’s the point where two rivers join to create something greater than each individually. This couldn’t describe our story and coffee any better. Plus the alliteration just sounds cool.


The idea was there, they just needed a name. “Confluence” was suggested and it was a clear fit. The rest is history.