For more than ten years, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Company has been perfecting the art of making the best damn coffee in Richmond, Northern Virginia, and now even as far north as Princeton, NJ. They've grown from being one man (David Blanchard himself) in his garage with a roaster to a team of folks dedicated to making people's mornings, afternoons, and (for some) nights. David started the company because there was no good coffee in Richmond at the time and he thought he could be the one improve the city's black gold. 

Ten years later, there's a lot of "good" coffee in Richmond but Blanchard's remains the best. 

Seth Bauserman, Chief Roaster at Blanchard's, doesn't use a lot of the specialized equipment and computers like many of the large roasters do. To him, roasting coffee a skill and an art. From tasting some of Blanchard's coffee, you can tell he knows what he's doing. Blanchard's is starting to grow significantly and Confluence is growing with them. 

Aside from sourcing our beans from Blanchard's, we also produce Blanchard's-brand cold brew coffee. Why not let them focus on they do best (roasting) and let us focus on what we do best (brewing).

We worked hard to calibrate our cold brews and find the right origin and roast profile for the job. As you can see below, Blanchard's has a lot of coffees so it was no easy task. But if you're interested in sampling Blanchard's wide array of coffees you can check out their shop here