You know, Socrates was a smart man.

Since he was (supposedly) one of the best teachers of all time, we decided to structure this section as more of an FAQ than a simple description so you can just skip to what you're curious about. If you have another question about cold brew, go ahead and email us here and we'll add it to the list.


Is it brewed regularly and then iced? →

Nope, cold brew coffee is a non-heated brewing process. When you brew coffee there are four main variables: Grind size, temperature of water, beans to water ratio, and brew time (there are other factors like pressure but we're not going to get nit-picky here). Most hot brewing methods don't change temperature of water all that much and as a result brew time is fairly similar across methods at a few minutes. For cold brew, we dramatically deviate from this trend, using chilled water instead and so brew over a much longer time to extract all of the coffee's deliciousness.

So, how is it made? →

First, grind the coffee somewhat coarsely. Next get some awesome quality, super fresh water. Then, steep your coffee directly in your water for an extended period of time. Filter and enjoy!

Are there any machines/gadgets that can make cold brew coffee? →

The gear used to make cold brew coffee ranges from household items you probably already have to the opulent and dubiously more effective Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower. A relatively inexpensive but more serious option is the Toddy system, which has gotten a decent amount of press as of late. But cold brew doesn't have to be complicated. It could be as simple as letting your coffee steep in your French press overnight.

How long is it brewed for? →

Cold brew coffee can be brewed from anywhere from 12-48 hours. The flavor of the coffee changes over time so, if you're curious, it's fun to experiment with different brew times on your own. We do a 24 hour steep. That's just personal preference.

Does cold brew always have to be served cold? →

Ideally, yes. Our cold brew has to stay refrigerated and is best served cold.

What are the benefits of cold brew? →

Our cold brew coffee has lower acidity and a higher caffeine content than your regular cup of Joe. For those who don't like coffee because it doesn't "sit well" with their stomach, cold brew might be their answer. Of course, the more caffeine is another added benefit. The cold brewing process also extracts a difference range of coffee's flavoring compounds so the resulting brew is much less bitter than traditional coffee.